GSX issues – mutil-home issues on VM OS

2 issues with GSX NIC settings:
1. ROUTER02 has 3 NICs. when assign diff NIC to a VNet, it is keep changing. then have to test one by one until it is OK. funny
2. GSX supports 2 type of NIC: Vlance and VMnet. if ROUTER01 is using Vlance NIC, but ROUTER02 is using VMNet. they are able to comm: Ping, Telnet, etc, but unable to transfer files between 2 segments. after further testing, it is noted that unable to ping between 2 segments if the ICMP packet size > 1024.
    change the NIC on ROUTER02 from VMNet to Vlance, everything is fine.
Tips: uninstall hidden devices from W2K3
    a. C:>set devmgmt_show_nonpresent_devices=1
    b. C:>start devmgr.msc
    c. enable "View -> Show Hidden Devices"
    d. OK to uninstall those hidden devices
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