OSCE 7.3 issue – unable to remote install client

Trend Micro OSCE 7.3 with latest Patch 2.1 is uanble to remote install the client from its WEB GUI
2 issues are found:
a. when u type a special local admin ID when pomprt out for the auth, an error "Call CGI Error" will be there
Cause: it looks that OSCE 7.3 TOTAL inherigate the same problem from Microsoft Windows known issue
Solution: use another diff admin ID from the client server
b. after auth the client and try to install the OSCE app, an error "Incorrect pamerters…" come out.
Cause: based on TrendMicro Support feedback, this is an known issue on W2K3 SP1. but in Patch 2.1 readme say that it has already fixed this bug
Solution: assign the local admin ID in OSCE 7.3 server  to its 3 .exe file under IIS application inseteaf of the default "anonymous" ID, very funny!!!
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