W2K3 Cluster Service Notes

W2K3 Cluster Service  maybe encounter some auth issues if:
 a. NoLMHash=1 and the password of CSA(cluster service account) < 15 chars, OR
 b. Lmcompatibilitylevel = 1
Reason for the above 2 settings:
 a. NoLMHash=1, it means that "Do not store LAN Manager Hash value", which is mostly for security reason
 b. Lmcompatibilitylevel = 1, it means that LAN Manager authentication level is set to level 1 (Send LM&NTLM -Use NTLMv2 if negotiated). This is due to compatible with legacy client for the auth, like NT4.0.
Recommend solution for cluster service as belows:
 a. set the password of CSA = 16, AND
 b. Lmcompatibilitylevel = 2, it means that "Send NTLM response only".
BUT, should be careful to change the setting of Lmcompatibilitylevel. for example, you will be unable to build the domain trust between W2K3 SP1 DC and NT4.0 domain if it is set to 2. and any other cases ? 
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