Exchange 2003 and ANR Query

In AD/Exchange 2003, outlook client search the user’s mail account is based ANR (Ambiguous Name Resolution), but
a. the ANR only search & match the strings from the starting from those pre-define fields
b. it does not support wildcard, like *Jonson*.
for example, if my account in AD is definned as below:
    givenName        = Yang
    sn                    = Abc Jonson
    displayname     = Yang Abc Jonson
    name               = Yang Abc Jonson
    PeoxyAddress  = YangAJonson
if you type "Jonson" in To: and click "Check Names", you will be unable to find my name; it is the same result if you type "*Jonson*".
btw, even you manaully create a LDAP query using ANR in AD, it is the same,.i.e (&(objectClass=user)(anr=Jonson*)) OR (&(objectClass=user)(anr=*Jonson*))
if you typethen the result will be NONE. btw, if the query is (&(objectClass=user)(anr=Jonson*)), also the same result.
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One Response to Exchange 2003 and ANR Query

  1. Jonson says:

    feedback from Microsoft, this is by design !

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