ExMon Tips

E2K3 DB & Transaction log increased rapaidly again, how ?
one reason is due to outlook client issue, then ExMon is a best tool to do the verification
ExMon can be found from here, and which supports Ex2K SP2 and higher, or E2K3 SP1.
But 2 issues with ExMon
a. "Unknown StartTrace error (183)". it is caused by that ExMon does not closed promptly.
Solution: you need to get "Tracelog.exe" from Resouce Kit, and kill it as
      Tracelog -stop “Exchange Event Trace”
b. when you stop ExMon and try to save the statistics as CSV, it looks hang.
Solution: using a command to export from etl format to csv format:
      ExMon.exe –SU “C:Program FilesExMondataByUser.csv”
      Options:  SU is for By User data, SV is By Version, and SC is By Client
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