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Tasks that MUST be performed through E2K7 EMS

Mailbox, Recipient and Public Folder Settings   ·         Get a list of all mailboxes, organized by size and number of items – Get-MailboxStatistics ·          Perform bulk management of multiple attributes for mailbox recipients – Get-mailbox | Set-Mailbox ·          Bypass antispam filtering for … Continue reading

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NT4.0 DNS Tracking

Need to deomm old NT4.0 DNS server, how to make sure that no more DNS requests from other client/servers? enable DNS loglevel as below:HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesDNSParameters LogLevel  Value: LogLevel Added: SP4 (April 98)   Type: DWORD (Bitfield)   Default: NoKey (Zero — … Continue reading

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E2K3 & WINS WINS significantly predates Active Directory, and has its roots in MS-DOS and Windows for Workgroups. It is not a part of Active Directory. WINS operates completely separate and apart from Active Directory. However, for many current Microsoft … Continue reading

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Outlook Anywhere

  TechNet – How to Configure Outlook Anywhere with Exchange 2003   You Had Me – How does Outlook Anywhere work (and not work)?  

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Microsoft KBs

KB950224 A Scalable Networking Pack (SNP) hotfix rollup package is available for Windows Server 2003   KB840001 How to restore deleted user accounts and their group memberships in AD   AdRestore v1.1 This simple command-line utility enumerates the deleted objects … Continue reading

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