NT4.0 DNS Tracking

Need to deomm old NT4.0 DNS server, how to make sure that no more DNS requests from other client/servers?
enable DNS loglevel as below:
  Value: LogLevel Added: SP4 (April 98)
  Type: DWORD (Bitfield)
  Default: NoKey (Zero — No logging)
  Function: Determines level of logging to file (Dns.log)
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_ALL_PACKETS 0x0000ffff
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_NON_QUERY 0x000000fe
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_QUERY 0x00000001
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_NOTIFY 0x00000010
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_UPDATE 0x00000020
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_QUESTIONS 0x00000100
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_ANSWERS 0x00000200
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_SEND 0x00001000
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_RECV 0x00002000
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_UDP 0x00004000
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_TCP 0x00008000
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_DS_WRITE 0x00010000
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_DS_UPDATE 0x00020000
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_FULL_PACKETS 0x01000000
#define DNS_LOG_LEVEL_WRITE_THROUGH 0x80000000
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