Tasks that MUST be performed through E2K7 EMS

Mailbox, Recipient and Public Folder Settings  
·         Get a list of all mailboxes, organized by size and number of items – Get-MailboxStatistics
·          Perform bulk management of multiple attributes for mailbox recipients – Get-mailbox | Set-Mailbox
·          Bypass antispam filtering for a specific recipient(s) Set-Mailbox -AntispamBypassEnabled $true
·          Get information about public folder sizes – Get-PublicFolderStatisics
·          Upgrade address lists and email address policies from LDAP syntax (after a migration from 2003) to OPATH syntax – Set-EmailAddressList
·          Give permission to a user’s mailbox (to another user) – Add-MailboxPermission
·          Give permission to an entire database, to a user – Add-ADPermission
·          All Public Folder management, for example:
   o   C reate Public Folders (Can be done from Outlook)
   o   Mail Enable Public Folders
   o   Enable Public Folder replication 
   o   Suspend/Resume Public Folder replication
   o   Modify Public Folder Replication
   o   Set/Modify Public Folder Quota
   o   Modify Public Folder Referrals
·         Extract specific content from a mailbox and copy it to an alternate location – Export-Mailbox
·         Configure a resource mailbox to automatically accept all meeting requests – Set-MailboxCalendarSettings
·         Create (and modify) a new Global Address List – New-GlobalAddressList
Transport Settings
·        Set a maximum message size for incoming or outgoing messages (org) – Set-TransportConfig
·       Disable Xexch50 for outbound ESMTP connections – Set-TransportConfig
·       Set a maximum message size for incoming or outgoing messages (conn) – Set-ReceiveConnector
·         Add the Antispam tab to the Exchange Management Console – Set-TransportServer –AntispamAgentsEnabled $true
·         Set advanced SMTP connection settings such as Tarpit, connection timeouts, inactivity timeouts etc… – Set-ReceiveConnector
·         Install or uninstall antispam agents on a Hub Transport server – (un)install-AntispamAgents
·         Modify the properties of the Content Filtering agent to filter messages originating from authenticated servers INSIDE the organization – Set-ContentFilterConfig (useful if another server relays the message but does not perform filtering)
·         Add an exception to the Content Filtering agent to NOT perform any filtering for a specified SMTP Domain or Sender – Set-ContentFilterConfig –BypassSenderDomains / BypassSenders
·         Update the safe senders aggregation list –  Update-SafeList
·         Modify properties for the transport dumpster (Enable/disable – Max Size) – Set-TransportServer
·         Override AD Site link costs with Exchange Specific costs – Set-ADSiteLink
·         Design Exchange Hub Sites for message routing – Set-ADSite
 ·         Force a manual start to the Edge Synchronization between the HT and the ET servers – Start-EdgeSynchronization
Client Access Settings
·         Set connection time-outs for POP3/IMAP4 servers – Set-IMAPSettings / Set-POPSettings
  Following settings should be used with a Get-CASMailbox and piped to the Set-CASMailbox to be applied globally.
·         Prevent previous versions of Outlook from connecting to Exchange – Set-CASMailbox –MAPIBlockOutlookVersions
·         Enable/disable POP3 or IMAP4 for a user – Set-CASMailbox
·         Disable selected features of OWA (Calendaring, Change Password button etc…) – Set-CASMailbox
·         Reseed a LCR or CCR (Maybe SCR ?) database copy – Update-StorageGroupCopy
·         Specify a message class for Managed Content Settings (For message classes NOT available in the EMC, such as IPM.XYZ) –  New-ManagedContentSettings
·         Create a customized quota message to mailbox recipients – New-SystemMessage
·         Create a customized Delivery Status Notification message – New-SystemMessage
·         Enable/disable, modify the properties of Message Tracking – Set-MailboxServer
·         Specify the number of ‘unreplicated logs’ that a CCR node will allow, and still mount a database a failover – Set-MailboxServer –AutoDatabaseMountDial
·         Allow a database to be overwritten by a restore operation – Set-MailboxDatabase –AllowFileRestore
·         Configure domain controllers that should NOT be used by your Exchange server – Set-ExchangeServer –StaticExcludedDomainControllers 
       Modify the email address visible by external recipients, for internal users – New-AddressRewriteEntry
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