Raid & BBWC

Array Performance Tuning
Strip size (chunk)
  too large – Results in poor load balancing across the drives 
  too small – Results in many cross-stripe transfers (split I/Os), and reduced performance
Mixed read/write: Accept the default value
Mainly read (such as database or internet applications):   Larger stripe sizes work best
Mainly write (such as image manipulation applications):  Smaller stripes for RAID 5 and RAID ADG 
                                                                                         Larger stripes for RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 1+0
Disk Stripe size for Exchange 2007
[1] 8 or 64k
How to Align E2K7 I/O with Storage Track Boundaries
 Boost server disk I/O performance with a battery-backed write cache
Vmware esxi 3.5 with p400 and poor performance
The copy is nothing more than 10 MBytes/sec
DL180 G5 with E200 128MB BBWC performance
Disk Mark
E200 w/128MB BBWC = 324.9
P400 w/512MB BBWC= 2119

E200 w/128MB BBWC = 65
P400 w/512MB BBWC= 423.8

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