Recovery of a purged mailbox from RSG

For E2K3, create another new Store, then overwrite its DB & stlm using RSG DB, force to mount the new Store, then connect the purged mailbox to an existing user account.

For E2K7, 2 ways
a. Create a new mailbox with the same mailboxIdentify as the purged mailbox, then run Restore-mailbox cmdldt
   c:ps> Restore-Mailbox -Identity Scott -RSGDatabase MyRSGDatabase

b. Recover data from John’s mailbox to the folder name "Recovery" in new mailbox of Scott.
   c:ps> Restore-Mailbox -Identity Scott -RSGDatabase MyRSGDatabase -RSGMailbox John -TargetFolder Recovery

Question: what is the mailboxIdentify ?  looks it is the mailbox’s DisplayName or alise name

   Recovery of mailbox after user account was deleted

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