LDAP Query

OWA enabled user in E2K7, protocolsettings = NULL  or (HTTP§1*;OWA§1); and in E2K3, protocolsettings = NULL  or HTTP§1*
OWA disabled user in E2K7, protocolsettings = (HTTP§0*;OWA§0); and in E2K3, protocolsettings = HTTP§0*
Note: this is tested in E2K3 + E2K7 mixed mode. for pure E2K7, is HTTP protocol no more?  NOT sure !!!
Thus, the LDAP query for OWA user accounts only need to filter "HTTP" in E2K3 + E2K7 mixed mode:
OWA enable user
    (objectcategory=person)(objectclass=user)(mailnick name=*)(homemdb=*)(!protocolsettings=*HTTP§0*)
OWA disabled user
or too complex one as below
  (&(objectcategory=person)(objectclass=user)(mailnickname=*)(|(protocolsettings=HTTP§0*)(protocolsettings= *OWA§0*)))
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