E2K7 Recipient Validation

Recipient objects in E2K7 fall under a more strict "validation" scheme than they did in previous versions of Exchange. This means that if some property is incorrect or missing on the recipient object, there is higher-level logical enforcement that this property must be corrected before the object will successfully validate as being in a good state. This is done to help ensure that these recipient objects are not corrupted in some way which would cause them not to function properly.  otherwise those mbxs’ wont migrated to E2K7 unless the syntac is corrected.
1) The DisplayName property contains leading or trailing whitespace, which must be removed
2) Alias (mailnickname) has spaces.
3) "userabc" is not valid for UserPrincipalName. Valid values are: Strings that includes ‘@’, where ‘@’ cannot be the last character..
4) Extension Attributes: PSH and AD Schema Conflict
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