SSH2 Key based authentication & SCP2

Comprehensive Guide for SSH2 Key based authentication setup

Client: SSH Tectia Client 4.1.1 on Windows 2003
Server: OpenSSH_4.3p2, OpenSSL 0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 01 Jul 2008

. Set SSH2="C:Program FilesSSH Communications SecuritySSH Secure Shell"
. Create a %SSH2CFG%  directory
. copy   <USERPROFILE>Application DataSSHHostkeys    &  Userkeys folders to  %SSH2CFG%.
. Copy   %SSH2%Identification    and   %SSH2%ssh2_config  to %SSH2CFG%.

Modify ssh2_config  file as below:
             AllowedAuthentications  publickey,keyboard-interactive,password

%SSH2%Scp2.exe -v -k  %SSH2CFG%   admin@*.gz  E:backup.

schedule the scp2 batch using system ID, and it is working.

btw, it is confirmed that if .ssh directory permission is assigned as “drwxrwxr-x” in Linux,  the Pubkey access will be denied. 

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