E2K7 SP2 + UR4 upgrading

a few points after the E2K7 SP2+UR4 upgrading from E2K7 SP1:
1. No 64-bit DC or Windows 2003/2008 servers  for the AD topology preparation in the HQ site
Schema & AD preparation need the ID has the Schema Admin right, and the computer to run the setup is located in the same site as the Schema Master server. 
Transfer the Schema Master from Root domain to any Child domain DC. C:regsvr32 schmmtmg.dll
2. Still another old question:  which domain need to run /prepareDomain ? 
We have 1 root + 2 child domain.  User is in child 1, but E2K7 is in Child 2.  Do we need to PrepareDomain  in all domains, or just child 2 domain ?
3. RSG – Recovery Storage Group
RSG is not cluster-aware, if there is any RSG in the cluster resource, /upgradCMS will looks failure because the upgrading process can not bring the RSG online. But th real result is that the CMS upgrading is completed.  You may ignore this error
4. UR4 upgrading will take a long time to complte on CCR, but quite smoothly on CAS/HUB server.  No clue.
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