E2K10 Pilot Notes – Cann’t email from E2K10 to a E2K3 specific store

this problem happen to me: cann’t send emails to users from E2K10 SP1 via outlook 2K10 to some users on a specific E2K3 SP2 store.  the NDR is “… #< #5.2.1> #SMTP#” and E2K3 store trigger 9667 event. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/exchange2010/thread/552513a7-c70b-4c52-b208-173751d393e8

Cause: Known issue in E2K3, but fixed in E2K7 SP2 above
Info: this specific store was created in Jun 2004
a. increase the no from default 0x2000(8192) to 0x4000(16384), or max 0x8000(32766)
b. must to re-build the problematic store if reach 32766.


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