Win7 Pilot Notes – PXE

PXE realated logs: SCCM Server = \pro*\SMS_CCM\Logs\smspxe.log

  1. encounter x64 client can’t PXE boot-up issue due to not base image for X64

[Jonson] it also describe how PXE works……COOL!

other 2 funny issues (E32, T0F,etc) related with PXE:

2.   X64 is able to PXE boot up now, but have another abortpxe issue

      how to get rid of

     [Jonson] it is really funny to clean up “obsolete” clients.

3. SCCM OSD Basic troubleshooting

4. speed up PXE
5. Issue: No Boot Action for Device found
Action: a. delete PC records in SCCM; b. restart WDS

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