Win7 Pilot Notes – Zero Touch

For workgroup clients,

  1. Need to associate it first:

    File ext – *.csv



    How to get the MAC ? c:\getMac /s NetBiosName

  2. After the client push installation, need to house keep those associated records because they will become obsolete

Zero Touch TS sequences – preparation stage

  1. Uninstall anti-virus & ESD. This is to clean up duplicate records may have
  2. Restart PC in the original OS. Since it is wiping the partition instead of format, this is to make sure no any user profile locked by some process which may cause some files can’t be captured by USMT
  3. Hardlink to capture the user profile

    How to pre-run the capture, and make sure no user file lost ? if some files have funny char, and Microsoft can’t wipe out, then will cause the next step – apply OS failure.

     4. Restart into PE, and …….

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