Win7 Pilot Notes – USMT Hash issue

[Note] first post is published using Windows Live Writer.  Try Office 2010 b4, but looks no good.

Have encountered a funny “hash no-match” issue when upgrading 4 XP SP2 clients in one TS, only one client hit this problem.

======[ OSDMigrateUserState.exe ]==============================
Initializing from environment successful Trying to resolve package path for packageID – TC100012 No http based locations are available. SMB based locations will be attempted now. Failed to connect to “\\PWSCMAPOS01.YAK.COM\SMSPKGF$\TC100012″. Invalid username or password. Failed to connect to the share \\PWSCMAPOS01.YAK.COM\SMSPKGF$\TC100012\ with default account Successfully connected to “\\PWSCMAPOS01.YAK.COM\SMSPKGF$\TC100012″ Failed to open the cached package location – 5. Failed to hash file, Win32 error = 5 Hash could not be matched for the downloded content. Original ContentHash = 84B4835F31625CF18D03EBDFFD46A8A6454201AD, Downloaded ContentHash =Invoking ReleaseSource on USMTPackagePath  OSDMigrateUserState finished: 0×80091007 Failed to resolve the source for _OSDMigrateUsmtPackageID=TC100012 UserStateMigrationAction::GetUSMTBinary failed (0×80091007). Failed to initlialize, (0×80091007)
14/04/2011 21:51:49         11141   The task sequence execution engine failed execution of a task sequence   -2146889721  

  • even re-create a separate collection, and adv the same TS, it is the same result.
  • also, can’t re-adv when this issue happen, the status is “can’t re-adv”.  (to resolve this re-adv issue is to remove the TS in the client: HKLM\xxx )

so far, looks no solution. as a workaround, this client is upgraded using the media.


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