EV10 Notes: 3-node MSCS Cluster-across-Boxes on ESX 4.1

need to build up a 3-node MSCS W2K8 R2 Cluster across 3 ESX v4.1 host. some points to be taken as belew:

a. Virtual SCSI adapter:  LSI Logic SAS for Windows Server 2008
b. Set I/O timeout > 60s
c. ONLY physical mode (Pass-through) RDM is support on W2K8
    Note: Quorum is a must to keep its mapping file
d. Do not overcommit memory. Set the Memory Reservation (minimum memory) option to the same as the amount of memory assigned to the virtual machine.
e. Do not support N-Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)
f. With native multipathing (NMP), clustering is not supported when the path policy is set to round robin.
g. You must use hardware version 7 with ESX/ESXi 4.1.
h. Use StorPort LSI Logic drivers instead of SCSIport drivers when running Microsoft Cluster Service for W2K8 VM.

Recommended Detailed Material on RDM’s
[Jonson] detail info on RDM, etc

How to migrate an MSCS failover cluster from thick VMDKs to RDMs
[Jonson] detail steps to config RDM

vSphere and MSCS
[Jonson] list down too many limitation…

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