E2K10 – Mass move mailboxes from E2K3 to E2K10

After the pre-live test on HA & DR of CAS/HUB & DAG for more than one week, it is time to start the mass migration from E2K3 to E2K10 for MY

  1. B4 migration
    . No backup running on the source E2K3 DB & target E2K10 DB
    . Enable the circular log on the Storage Group of the source E2K3 DB server and target E2K10 DB server
    . Increase Simultaneously number of Mailbox move in all Exchange 2010 CAS
    . advise the user to move to PST if the size > ??? GB
  2. While the migration
    . EMS to conduct the migration
    . enable OWA on the migrated mailbox & set the OWA policy accordingly
    . set the xxx policy accordingly for TECH
    . make sure “auto update policy” is disable
    . script to monitor the migration status
    . Migration report & logs to a dedicated location
  3. Aft migration
    . Disable the circular log


How to: Increasing Simultaneously number of Mailbox move in Exchange 2010
a. MaxActiveMovesPerSourceMDB
b. MaxActiveMovesPerTargetMDB
c. MaxActiveMovesPerTargetServer
Script to move Exchange 2010 mailboxes

Monitoring Mailbox Moves
Accessing Exchange 2010 mailbox move history data
Common Exchange 2010 Mailbox Move Errors
Exchange Move Mailbox Experiences Part 1
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