E2K10 – SP2

May 10 2012:

Start to patch SP2 + UR2 today, a few points here:

a. Stop TM Scanmail

b. can not stop Office Scan.  the workaround is to kill “tmlisten” process

c. uncheck “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” in IE8

it will take around one hour for SP2 + UR2 …….

May 04 2012:

It’s time to upgrade to SP2 + UR1 since NBU has been in v7.1.0.4 now

What’s New in Exchange 2010 SP2
[Jonson] need to disable Mailbox Auto-Mapping with Full Access Mailboxes

New pre-requisites for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 and CAS Role

Exchange 2010 SP2 – Installation

[Jonson] COOL

GOOD Compatibility Matrices – Microsoft Exchange

[Jonson] GOOD v6.3.2 does support SP2 RU1

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Compatibility

[Jonson] BES 5.0.3 does support SP2

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2 Responses to E2K10 – SP2

  1. Jonson says:

    UR2 is released on 16/04/2012, KB2661854

  2. jonsonyang says:

    UR3 is applied on 15 Jun due to autodiscover issue

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