E2K10 – SP2 fail on DAG Mailbox Role

enconuter a funny issue when apply SP2 on DAG Mailbox Role – “[ManageScheduledTask.ps1] Could not find script …”

below are some funny findings:

a. locally to ping the DAG hostname, it will reply  “169.254.x.x” which is the IP of  “MS Failover Cluster Virtual Adpapter”

b. can’t access  HostName\C$ folder locally within the server, but able to access it from other servers

c. finnally, it is found that AutoShareServer=0 is set in this DAG mailbox server.

after set AutoShareServer=1, and run “net stop srvnet” and wait for a while, all admin Share folder come back.

Question to Dear Micrsoft

a. Exchange 2010 & SP2 does not support “Remote” deployment, why use “HostName\ShareFolder” in ps1 script?

b. this issue is related to “MS Failover Cluster Virtual Adpapter” again !  why have this funny Adapter in WIndows 2008 cluster ?


Exchange 2010 SP2 Fails at Mailbox Role http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/exchange2010/thread/469245fa-3264-4b4c-9405-653a005b3827

How to restore administrative shares on Windows server 2008 http://www.dannyhansen.nl/windows/windows-server-2008/how-to-restore-administrative-shares-on-windows-server-2008

How to remove administrative shares in Windows Server 2008 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/954422

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