E2K10 – Write Event 999…

A powershell to monitor message queues for dedicated E2K10 hub servers

foreach ($HubServer in $HubServers) {
  $a = get-transportserver -identity $HubServer | get-queue | where {$_.MessageCount -gt 0} | measure-object    MessageCount -max
if ($a.Maximum -ge $jonsonCounter ) {
$eventMsg = ‘The message queue on ‘ + $HubServer + ‘ is ‘+ $a.Maximum +’ which exceeds ‘ +$JonsonCounter
Write-EventLog -EntryType Warning -LogName ‘Application’ -Source ‘Jonson E2K10’ -Message $eventMsg -id ‘999’
. schedule task with system id to run every 15 mins
. a tip from Macro Shaw on the customized event Souce “Jonson E2K10” – http://marcoshaw.blogspot.com/2010/10/using-write-eventlog.html

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