E2K10 – Audit

E2K10 include 2 audit – admin audit & mailbox access audit

Admin Audit

A great URL regarding the very detail of Admin Audit . http://sysadmin-e.com/admin-audit-log-ex2010

And a basic one basic info http://searchexchange.techtarget.com/tip/Exchange-2010-auditing-tools-to-track-admin-end-user-behavior


Administrator Audit Log Reports in HTML Format – Exchange 2010 SP1


Mailbox Audit -???

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One Response to E2K10 – Audit

  1. jonsonyang says:

    E2K10 Admin Audit has not enough info, and only audit its powershell. you still need AD object audit to track if yes. below is a good URL to have a detail info on DL audit.
    Auditing Distribution Group Membership Changes – http://exchangepedia.com/2010/11/auditing-distribution-group-membership-changes.html

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