E2K10 – DAG Replication NICs

How to differ the DAG traffic only go for the dedicated Repl-NIC instead of the MAPI-NIC ? also need to consider the single point of failure ?

  1. Replication network is actually the heartbeat for W2K8 R2. If not stable, the cluster will be fail
  2. Replication traffic may jump the MAP network

From the below link, it mentions:

  1. Disable replication on MAPI
  2. Monitor the cluster event
  3. If Replication NW fail, the replication will still go through the MAPI even you disable the replication on it

    Luckily, the algorithm used by Exchange takes care of this situation as well. If the replication network fails for some reason and replication is turned off on the MAPI network, Exchange will still go ahead and use the MAPI network for replication.

What Happens When Replication Network Fails In Exchange 2010 DAG…


Best practice for disabling Replication on DAG Network


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