E2K10 – How for DAG Reseed

Need to reseed DB to another site, but fail for a few times using EMC. Below is the finding:

  1. Not use EMC for DB reseed, EMS please
  2. EMS notes:
    . Log onto the passive node instead of the active node

    . Run the update with the DeleteExistingFiles option : Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity DBName\ServerName –DeleteExistingFiles -ManualResume

    But this may not fail as well due to the follow up reseeding of the content index

    The best & safe arrpaoch is to reseed DB first, then the content index:

        . Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity DBName\ServerName –DatabaseOnly –DeleteExistingFiles -ManualResume

    . Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity DBName\ServerName –CatalogOnly

    . How long to complete the reseed ? depends. For MY2SG = 10GB/30mins, too slow. If something wrong, have to reseed again, very time consuming.


  3. Offline backup the active database and transfer the file to the passive node.

    . too complex and need the downtime as well


  4. Recommend solution found is:

    . Create a new DB with all copies

    . Move the mailbox to the new DB

    . Remember to disable SecondCopy in the DB to speed up the mailbox moving, and enable it back later


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1 Response to E2K10 – How for DAG Reseed

  1. jonsonyang says:

    after a few tries and troubleshooting, 3 days managed to reseed 8 DBs for MY2SG. Update as below:
    a. 10GB/30mins is up to 1GB/min. this is due to the DAG network configuration wrong, and all traffic was via MAPI nw instead of REPL nw. the solution is to combine the 2 REPL subnet into one under the DAG. the defaul setting does not work for REPL nw
    b. Run “-Databaseonly -DeleteExisitngFiles -ManulResume” only, then follow up Resume-xxx
    . without “-DatabaseOnly”, you can’t resume it, otherwise it will be still “FailedAndSuspent”
    . if run “-CatalogOnly” after “-DatabaseOnly”, the replicated DB will be gone !!! not know why?
    c. E2K10 version is SP2 + UR3
    d. will continue re-seeding other 12DBs for SG2MY later

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