VMWare Architect Bootcamp – NUMA

Be out of Platform for a few years, need to catch up “NUMA” related to VM perf since someone said “Exchange is not NUMA aware so keep VM size less than NUMA node size”.

The Impact Of NUMA On Virtualizing BCA

[Jonson] what is NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access) and vNUMA ? and with a good case study for NUMA on Oracle

Sizing VMs and NUMA nodes

[Jonson] this is from VMWare guy – Frank to explain NUMA & VMs

The Importance of VM Size to NUMA Node Size

How do I determine the Numa Boundaries for my host

[Jonson] a guy asks a funny question, but no answer yet


Error: No ESX/ESXi support for CPU-only or memory-only NUMA nodes

VM KB 1021508, HP Support

[Jonson] Platform world is not simple as old time already. need to be careful in the hardware level now for CLOUD…

  • A minimum of two DIMMs per CPU socket.
  • Ensure that the distribution of memory is balanced equally across the NUMA nodes.
  • There must be an even number of total DIMMs.
  • Populate the DIMM slots as indicated in the Memory Configuration section of the ProLiant Server User Guide for a specific server.


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