E2K10 DAG Failover

Have some issues with a new E2K10 DAG setup in CN and failover looks NOT work as expect

a. suspect the issue is related to SAN disk I/O

after checking, it is noted that the ntfs unit is set to the default 4K, but the best practice is 64K for E2K10 DB & logs

b. try to stop the IS service to simulate the Exchange service failure, but the DAG does not failover. This is by design. If you want to simulate the service failure, you have to kill the process instead of stopping it. ha ha, Microsoft make a joke with us in E2K10

c. after moving the DB path to another location, the index file will not follow you unless you restart the index service, then E2K10 will re-index in DB and save in the new location as the DB file


Exchange 2010 High Availability Misconceptions Addressed

Misconception Number 4: The AutoDatabaseMountDial setting controls how many log files are thrown away by the system in order to mount a database

Exchange 2010 FAQ: Can You Automate Rebalancing a Database Availability Group?


What You Need To Know About Exchange 2010 DAG Failover Behavior

    Service stop or crash

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