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W2K12 AD Design Notes – DNS Zone Replication

Current W2K3 AD DNS Zone is replicated on Domain bases, which is not easy to maintain and support. The right approach should be Forest-Wide, including Reverse Zone Zone replication scope Description Remarks All DNS servers in the forest that are … Continue reading

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ESXi 5.5 – Extending Performance Data to 36 hours

It is noted that the standalone ESXi can only keep 1 hours’ perf data, and looks no way to change it? here is the solution. By default a standalone ESXi host will keep 1 hours worth of performance data. vCenter … Continue reading

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W2K8 – Automatic deploy for Native backup

Need a solution to easily deploy a native backup job on multi W2K8 R2 servers. after asking google and testing, a simple script is out with combining the multi cmds (diskshadow, vssadmin, wbadmin,etc). 2 points here 1. no command able … Continue reading

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W2K8+ wbadmin backup tips

An interesting tip how to manage the backup free space for the native backup: Configure Shadow Copies I’m trying a different approach for maintaining free space on a dedicated backup volume: Configure Shadow Copies. 1.In Disk Management, assign a drive … Continue reading

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