W2K8+ wbadmin backup tips

An interesting tip
how to manage the backup free space for the native backup: Configure Shadow Copies

I’m trying a different approach for maintaining free space on a dedicated backup volume: Configure Shadow Copies.

1.In Disk Management, assign a drive letter to the backup drive. You probably did this already if you’ve been using wbadmin or vssadmin as described above.

2.In Windows Explorer, right-click on the drive and select Configure Shadow Copies.

3.In the Shadow Copies dialog, make sure the drive is highlighted. The Next Run Time should show Disabled. Click on Settings.

4.Change Maximum Size from No limit to Use limit and set the value to leave about 15% of the drive free. For example, if a 100GB drive has become full using 40GB of shadow copy space, reduce the shadow copy space to a fixed 25GB to leave 15GB free.


Delete Old Windows Server Backups


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