W2K8 – Automatic deploy for Native backup

Need a solution to easily deploy a native backup job on multi W2K8 R2 servers. after asking google and testing, a simple script is out with combining the multi cmds (diskshadow, vssadmin, wbadmin,etc). 2 points here

1. no command able to enable “Run on Demand” on the schedule task

2. “-allCritical” is for the Bare Metal backup, and have to backup all Critical Volumes. If any volume (i.e E:) is used for SQL DB logs or database, then it will be considered as “Critical Volume”. Stupid Microsoft, why treat such volume as Critical? We did not use “SQL Writer service” for DB backup.

REM E:\Scripts\OS\OS-Backup.cmd

REM Delete all shadow copies

diskshadow -s E:\scripts\OS\DelShadows.txt


REM delete the existing catalog. this will also delete the existing backup schedule task

wbadmin delete catalog -quiet


REM delete all backup files on volume X

rmdir X:\WindowsImageBackup /s /Q


REM Resize the max of storage space for shadow copy storage on Volume X to 2GB

vssadmin resize shadowstorage /for=X: /On=X: /maxsize=2GB


REM Enable schedule backup @ 01:00 daily

wbadmin enable backup -addTarget:X: -include:c:,e:\392 -systemstate -allCritical -vssFull -schedule:01:00

REM Enable Run on Demand

REM Have to manually enable it via UI – unable to find out a script way

REM Auto Run the backup on Demand

REM Schtasks /Run /TN “\Microsoft\Windows\BackupMicrosoft-Windows-WIndowsBackup”

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