W2K3 AD FRS SYSVOL Issue – resolved

DEV AD has 3 DCs, and one DC has Journal Wrap Error, and other 2 DCs have no “SYSVOL” & “Netlogon” shared which means…. what ? you know.

One month ago, cloning this AD for a vendor to conduct the POC for AD 2012 upgrade, and they spent almost 1 day to trouble shoot this FRS issue and the result was to rebuild one of DC (I guess since the DC name was changed).

It is time to relook this issue and be ready for the upcoming project, but the solution is not that challenge

1. Refer a) & b) to resolve the Journal Wrap Error in the problematic DC, but FRS still not work

Note: Renaming the jet folder was a good idea

2. Refer c) to solve the FRS issue with D4 in one DC, and D2 in other 2 DCs. THANKS


a. The value for BurFlags registry key will AUTOMATIC returns from D2/D4 to 0 after re-start FRS service

b. Need to restart Netlogon service to enabling “NETLOGON” share



a. http://blog.ronnypot.nl/?p=738

b. http://en.megacrack.es/2008/11/16/como-resolver-problema-con-jrnl_wrap_error-frs-event-id-13568-o-13561/

c. http://blogs.msmvps.com/acefekay/2013/08/28/how-to-recover-a-journal-wrap-error-jrnl_wrap_error-and-a-corrupted-sysvol-from-a-good-dc-what-option-do-i-use-d4-or-d2-whats-the-difference-between-d4-and-d2/

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