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国家企业信用信息系统显示,山东交通运输集团,为微积金互联网金融平台100%控股股东(通过江苏鲁享科技公司双层全资控股)。近日,微积金平台出现不能回款,高管全部失联,公司人去楼空的恶劣行径!给广大投资人造成巨大的经济损失和精神伤害。强烈要求山东交运集团出面,负责对投资人的资金兑付。 微积金成交额26亿,待收余额2.1亿,涉及投资人达数万人。在全国范围内造成了恶劣影响。据国家企业信用信息系统的股权链显示,山东交通运输集团上层单位为山东省人民政府国有资产监督管理委员会。此即微积金平台法律意义上的实际控制人!!!作为一个省级政府机构,希望山东省国资委责成山东交运集团妥善处理此事,不要辜负广大人民群众对国家政府机构的信任! 山东交运集团无疑对微积金平台起到了强大的增信作用。众多投资人表示,如果没有山东交运的100%控股,根本不会考虑投资微积金。可以说,山东交运100%控股的事实对于微积金吸纳投资人资金起到了不可忽视的推波助澜的作用。希望山东交运集团拿出国企应有的责任和担当,给广大投资人一个满意的交待!!! 数万投资人急盼回音! @山东交运 @山东国资委 @山东省人民政府 Advertisements

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ADFS Cert Best Practices – unspoken

Hashing algorithms: SHA-256 Key size: 2048 bit Private Key generation process: Make sure you select the Legacy key template on domain-joined devices; it is not the default option. AD FS Token Signing and -Decrypting Certs for a longer lifetime: 3 … Continue reading

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AD – NTLM Blocking and Pass-through Auth

NTLM Blocking Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 restricts NTLM authentication usage out of the box. This feature is known as NTLM blocking. NTLM blocking prevents NTLM from being used for authentication Pass-through Authentication The NetLogon service is responsible … Continue reading

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AD – Cross domain vs Kerberos

Conditions for Kerberos to be used over an External Trust Interactive logon across external trusts will attempt Kerberos. On Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, NTLM will be tried if Kerberos fails. Windows Vista and newer operating systems will not … Continue reading

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AD – Cross Domain Authentication – samAccountName vs userPrincipalName

Encounter 2 issues w/o no answer yet – related to SAM but not UPN a. User from Domain SG is able to login to the PC’s in Domain HK using SAM account, but can’t change the password. b. User from … Continue reading

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AD Upgrade – Configuring DFSR to a Static Port ?

Working on the FW ports for the project, and noted that Microsoft confuses IT guy again – DFSR port In reference 1, Microsoft mentioned that TCP 5722 is for “RPC, DFSR (SYSVOL)” and this article is applied up to W2K12 … Continue reading

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ESX 5.5 – OVA Error “The operation is not supported on the object”

Export VMs OVA from v5.5.0 (3248547), and Deploying OVA into v5.5.0 (3000241) but fails with “Failed to Deploy OVF/OVA package: The operation is not supported on the object”, the root cause is due to the video card settings, funny! Reference … Continue reading

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